Medical malpractice insurance throughout the United States.

Professional liability coverage for physicians is not a commodity. There are significant differences in policies and insuring companies, so we work with your team to provide tailored coverage for your practice.

Your medical malpractice insurance company should understand the importance of your status in the community and work hard to defend that precious commodity, your reputation. We work with:

  • Hospitals/Facilities
  • Doctors
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Senior Care Providers

Why physicians, health care professionals, CRNA’s, PA’s, nurse practitioners, podiatrists and dentists choose Doctors First for their medical malpractice insurance:

  • Claims Defense

    We choose our selected carriers carefully. We make sure they take every claim seriously. Selecting a strong carrier is the beginning of this process.

  • Occurrence, Claims-Made and Convertible Claims-Made Coverage

    You have access to the industry’s widest array of coverage options, including occurrence, claims-made and convertible claims-made.

  • Pure Consent to Settle

    With our carriers you will be the one deciding if you want to settle. Our carriers never settle any case without the consent of the physician. It’s your money. Your name is on the policy. You should be the one making the decisions.

  • Free Tail Coverage

    Most of our carriers provide free tail coverage for physicians at retirement after just one year of insurance.

  • Financial Strength

    Financial strength is the root of professional liability coverage. Your carrier needs to be stable and strong enough to defend you and pay your claims well into the future. Your relationship with your medical liability carrier is a long-term one. The average claim for the average healthcare provider, could take up to 7 years to resolve after the initial incident. Unfortunately, many carriers have failed in the recent past and their insured could be left without coverage and funds to pay the claims. It is imperative you know, your malpractice carrier has the financial strength, resources & commitment to defend your reputation and protect your assets!

  • Cyber and Privacy Liability Insurance

    An increasing threat to your good name. With the use of electronic medical records and the proliferation of smartphones, laptops and tablets in medical practices, your risk of cyber liability exposure continues to grow. Most carriers include cyber and privacy liability insurance.

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