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Prepare your practice for COVID-19

By May 22, 2020May 26th, 2020Medical Malpractice

America’s medical providers deliver the best care possible and are trusted sources of health information for their patients and the community. CDC is committed to arming them with the accurate and helpful information they need to treat patients with COVID-19, keep other patients and staff safe, and empower patients to protect their own health. Leveraging telemedicine whenever possible is the best way to protect patients and staff from COVID-19. However, when telemedicine is not possible, simple actions can help to reduce the risk of spread and keep people safe.

CDC’s Prepare to Care for COVID-19 is a resource with practical tools clinicians can use to care for patients with COVID-19, and will be regularly updated to help clinicians adapt as the outbreak unfolds.

Get Your Clinic Ready for COVID-19

Phone Advice Line Tools

Poster: Get Your Clinic Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Phone Advice Line Tools as discussed on page

Print Resources to Prepare Your Practice

Poster: Please read before entering.

Outdoors sign – Stop patients with respiratory symptoms.

Poster: If you have these symptoms, please see the front desk immediately.

Indoors sign – Refer patients with respiratory symptoms to the front desk.

Poster: 10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home

Patient handout with tips for home care.

pdf icon[PDF – 1 Page] | Spanishpdf icon | Chinesepdf icon | Vietnamesepdf icon | Koreanpdf icon

Poster: 10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home

Factsheet – How to Put On & Take Off PPE.

8.5×11 file pdf icon[PDF – 2 pages]

Poster: 10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home

Poster – How to Put On & Take Off PPE.

11×17 file pdf icon[PDF – 1 page]